Token form

Enter your credit card information and create a "Token"

※What is Token?

※* Lion Wi-Fi partners with Omise and provides Token as a safe mechanism for credit card payments. With creating a Token that replaces your credit card info, you can make a credit card payment without send your credit card info directly.

Order form

Token is a way to encrypt and send your credit card information safely. Paste the Token created in Token form.※If you wish to pay thru AMEX, Please enter "AMEX".


※* If coupon code is not entered, \3,680 offer will not be applied.

* If you wish to switching from Lion Wi-Fi to Lion MINI (or opposite), send us back your current device by post or at site, then you can switch for free. If you wish to switch during the 25th to end of month, send us back the device by post or at site then new monthly fee will be applied from the following month. Please note that sending by post may cause delay and delivery may be later than the beginning of the month.

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